CoolHeat Engineering Co.

Aarhus-based technology company that specializes in electronics, integration, and software

Products with the user in mind

Everything we do at CoolHeat is based on the needs, of our existing, or new customers.


We are experts in everything related to electronics. Our products utilize our in-house developed hardware, tested to comply with global standards.


We develop APIs, dashboards, and web apps using the latest technologies and frameworks. Anyone said anything about "npm install"?

Users, Users, Users!

Everything we do is based on our customer's problems and needs. We strive towards a close relationship with our users and customers.


A solution for kitchen personnel and food companies. TempBox helps them save time and avoid wasting food by keeping track of the temperature in cold rooms & freezers. TempBox Consists of our own developed and produced hardware alongside a web interface.

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Imoa is a service consisting of hardware, software, and integration. Through Imoa we help small- and medium-sized businesses that want to digitalize their products and enable their customers to make data-driven decisions.

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Control complexity, don't create it.

A product first company

CoolHeat exists to develop interesting hardware and software, that help companies save time and energy. Technical stuff always comes first with us!

Casual but serious

We embrace a relaxed and informal work environment. However we never compromise on quality related to our technology

Passion for electronics

We take pride in our PCBs and design & develop everything related to them ourselves.

A modern aproach to work

We trust our employees and believe in a hybrid way of working. Mixing both remote and office work.


Our flagship PCB

Our flagship PCB The latest iteration of our in-house developed and produced hardware started its journey in 2015. The gateway for collecting data for TempBox and Imoa. Modular in its form of use. It can utilize extension hardware to support serial interfaces like RS-485, different power supplies, pulse recording, and more.

modern cellular technologies

2G, 4G, NBIoT & GPS

We are an Aarhus-based company

Cool office but remote-friendly

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Bautavej 1A, DK-8210 Aarhus V

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